Three KMEA member cities were awarded a certificate of excellence through the APPA  eReliability Tracker program.  The City of Coffeyville, City of Garden City, and the City of Moundridge all received this certificate.

Every year, the American Public Power Association recognizes certain utilities that subscribe to the eReliability Tracker for excellence in reliability. Recipients are determined by comparing their reliability data with the national reliability data published by the Energy Information Administration. To receive a certificate, the utility must be in the first quartile of utilities for System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) based on the EIA data.

“Once again, public power utilities have demonstrated their commitment to providing highly reliable power to their customers.” said Alex Hofmann, APPA’s Vice President of Technical and Operations Services. “We commend these utilities for their hard work when it comes to keeping the lights on in their communities.”

Congratulations to Coffeyville, Garden City, and Moundridge for their hard work and dedication to public power and their community.