Mission Statement

KMEA provides solutions for reliable and cost effective energy for its members.

Vision Statement

KMEA is committed to adding value and helping our members navigate the rapidly evolving and complex energy industry. Our agency will be engaged and responsive to our members’ needs with innovative solutions. KMEA will be at the forefront of emerging technology and industry developments that could impact our members and their customers.

KMEA is a member driven agency where every employee’s goal is to provide each member with the information, solutions, and services they need. We will maintain a member-centric approach; one of continuous improvement, so that we remain the energy solution provider of choice.

Member Services

“Member Services is not a department, it’s the #1 job embraced by everyone at KMEA”

Member Services comprise the full array of specialized services and expertise that KMEA brings to bear to leverage joint action and assist our membership in meeting the needs of their respective communities.  Member Services is not restricted to a department, but rather it is shared equally by all functional areas of the agency.  Each and every KMEA employee falls under the umbrella of “Member Services,” because serving our members is chief among our responsibilities.  All KMEA employees provide services to our members according to their specific function within the agency.  Stated another way, Member Services is not a department, but a culture; a culture which ensures individually, and collectively, that service and value is what KMEA provides to our members; members we are privileged to serve.  Executing on key performance areas identified in the 2014 strategic plan, KMEA responded by expanding the breadth of Member Services with the addition of Marketing Communications staff, an area that allows us to better serve our members.  Additionally, KMEA added Compliance and Security staff.  As we move forward with future strategic planning, we will continue to work with our members to identify areas where we can improve upon our “Member Services.”

Member Services