Energy Management Project No. 1 (EMP1) was officially created in January 2006, by a set of agreements between KMEA and five member cities: Baldwin City, Gardner, Garnett, Osawatomie and Ottawa. In 2016 the city of Pomona joined the group and in 2017 the city of Prescott became a member.

Under the EMP1 agreement, project cities operationally combine their municipal electric systems to purchase electric power and transmission as a centrally dispatched group.  KMEA manages the power supplied from EMP1′ s resources, which include Buckeye Wind, Dogwood, GRDA, Marshall Wind, SPA and WAPA. KMEA began delivering electricity under the EMP1 on June 1, 2006.

Participating Cities

Baldwin City

EMP1 City Representatives and Alternates

Chairman: Jeff Oleson
Vice-Chairman: Joe Owens
Secretary: KMEA Staff

  • CITY
  • Baldwin
  • Gardner
  • Garnett
  • Osawatomie
  • Ottawa
  • Pomona
  • Prescott
  • Glenn Rodden
  • Gardner
  • Joe Owens
  • Terry Upshaw
  • Ottawa
  • Marie Seneca
  • Rolland Grigsby
  • Jeff Winkler
  • Gonzalo Garcia
  • Travis Wilson
  • Bret Glendening
  • Dave Hunsaker/Jeff Oleson
  • Pomona
  • Kevin Wood/Kathy Wood