City of Kiowa’s Efforts to Offset Economic Impacts from COVID-19

(Taken from the City of Kiowa Social Media Post from April 2nd)

In an effort to help our local businesses mitigate economic effects of COVID-19, every residential utility customer is receiving $15 in Kiowa Bucks, by mail, to use at our local establishments. Each customer will receive three $5 cards that can be used at any business permanently LOCATED in Kiowa that will accept them. Transient vendors do not apply. There are a few important notes about these cards. Vendors WILL NOT make change. If you pay for your $2 item with a $5 card you WILL NOT get $3 in return nor will you get the card back. These ARE NOT gift certificates. Secondly, these cannot be used to pay for any City services (utilities, permits, fines, etc.), and the cards must be used by Mother’s Day, May 10, 2020. Please drop by the local shops, grocery store, restaurants, gas stations, hardware, automotive stores/shops and help our small businesses out during these unprecedented times.

Yet another example of how we are #CommunityPowered