“Electric 101” and “What is KMEA”

“Electric Utility 101” and What is KMEA” are both introductory presentations that we have created to help tell the story of what KMEA is and how the agency benefits you as a Member.

Over the past several years KMEA has seen a growth of new cities joining the Energy Management Projects (EMP’s). We also have several new faces at KMEA member cities as well. KMEA staff has developed these presentations to introduce these members to KMEA and the electric energy market.

Last week employees from four member cities made the trek to KMEA’s office for an educational session. We presented Electric Utility 101, What is KMEA and had a spirted conversation on several topics that were of interest to the members. It was a good time and we enjoyed seeing everyone.

If you or someone in your city has an interest in joining us for our next educational session, please contact Tom Saitta, saitta@kmea.com or Gerry Bieker, bieker@kmea.com.