The KMEA Dighton linecrew and the KMEA/MidStates Group, Steve, Henry and Dan, just completed a project for the city of Cimmaron.  This project included replacement of three structures.  The first was a double deadend with a slack span, a single phase transformer with a URD sec. riser and meter can. The second was a 3-pole platform structure tangent structure with 3 50 KVA wired in a wye, wye configuration, CT metering on the paralleled 2/0 quad, and a single-phase meter can for a residential service feed from structure 1, they replaced the platform with a single pole with a cluster mounted bank leaving the north pole as a secondary riser.  The final project was a double deadend with an open wye, open delta transformer bank.

For the participating Cities and other Cities in the Western part of the state, this is the type of assistance you could be receiving. Contact Steven Porter or Mike Schmaderer to find out more!