KMGA Continues State-Wide Operator Qualification (OQ) Efforts

KMGA continues with the effort of creating a state-wide Operator Qualification (OQ) program that can be adopted by all 53 municipals across Kansas who own their natural gas distribution system.  Every operator of a natural gas system is required by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) to have an OQ program.  The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) audits the OQ programs annually.

KMGA, along with representatives from the Flint Hills Group, have organized 10+ meetings for the municipals to attend.  The majority of the 53 Kansas municipals have been represented at these meetings and have contributed in creating a state-wide OQ Program.

During the months of April and May, the KCC hosted five workshops around the state of Kansas.  KMGA attended each of these workshops and visited with the cities on “Pooling of Municipal Operator Qualifications”.

Through these efforts city personnel recognize the benefits of municipals working together to achieve the goal of a state-wide OQ program, as well as training together.  One of the city superintendents attending the meetings made the comment, “This is the best thing in 20 years that has happened for operators of natural gas systems”.  We will continue to host OQ meetings through the remainder of 2018.