More To Come

I get concerned when I hear of the retirement of a coal fired power plant. There has been approximately 600 MW of coal resources retired in 2018 alone. I know that there are plenty of generating resources on the grid to handle things now but what about the future. It wasn’t that long ago when some thought that wind energy was just a trendy thing. On December 15, 2017 SPP set a record for peak wind generation of 15,690 MW. Now with more than 19 GW of installed wind capacity in the Southwest Power Pool, wind is more than just a trend. Along with that we have to look at the 215 MW of solar installed in SPP. The economical energy produced by natural gas and renewable resources is putting a lot of financial pressure on coal and nuclear facilities. That is not the only reason but certainly a major reason for the closing of the more costly   facilities.  Below is a link to the closing of a large coal facility just south of us. There is much more to come in near future when it comes to news about how we keep coal and nuclear plants alive. Happy reading!

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