The City of Chapman is currently accepting applications for the position of Journeyman Lineman. Please send completed applications, along with a resume and cover letter to

Job Description

Under the supervision of the Director of Recreation and Public Works, the Journeyman Lineman is a non-exempt position under FLSA. This employee is responsible for ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations, supervising planned operations, system development and maintenance. The Journeyman Lineman manages the operation and maintenance of the electric generation, switching and distribution systems. This employee should possess a strong technical aptitude, supervisory, organizational, and excellent communication and public relations skills.

Essential Functions

  • Performs operations and maintenance of electrical generation, switching and distribution system;
  • Maintains departmental records and reports;
  • Performs maintenance and operations of departmental equipment;
  • Ensures safety training, confined space training and equipment training for the department staff;
  • Purchases departmental equipment;
  • Develops and implements programs and procedures to maximize life expectancy of utility systems;
  • Fields citizen concerns and complaints;
  • Enforces safety procedures and practices;

Marginal Functions

  • Assists and coordinates with other departments as directed;
  • Performs other duties as deemed necessary or assigned;
  • Installs and maintains seasonal lighting;
  • Assists civic organizations with projects as directed;
  • Maintains professional relationships with citizens and vendors.


Experience: One to three years of applicable experience is required. Employee is expected to have acquired the necessary information and skills to perform the job reasonably well within one year of employment.

Education: Relevant licensure preferred. A high school diploma or GED is required. An Associate’s in Science Degree or completion of a Technical Trade School in a related field is highly desirable, additional formal training in related fields is preferred. First Aid and CPR certified or acquire certification within a reasonable time of employment. A valid Commercial Driver’s License is required.

Technical Skills: This employee must be able to operate electrical testing equipment and other related city vehicles and departmental equipment. A thorough knowledge of electrical systems, hazmat and confined spaces. The ability to understand and anticipate problems, to interpret written instructions, manuals, diagrams, and reports is required. Mathematical aptitude for bid spec work. This employee should possess a strong technical aptitude and excellent public relations, oral and written communication  skills.

Problem Solving: Daily problem solving is involved in this position. This employee encounters problems with mechanical and electrical equipment malfunctions, power outages, blown fuses, and burned out motors.

Decision Making: Independent decision-making is involved in this position. This employee makes decisions about necessary repairs and maintenance of public utility resources to include: support vehicles and equipment, supply purchases, maintenance or replacement of defective equipment/subsystems, and alarm system. Determining what materials are to be used for specific jobs, prioritizing daily assignments, scheduling, and performing daily duties in the safest and most efficient manner is essential.

Supervision: This employee works with minimal supervision from the Public Works and Recreation Director.

Financial Accountability: This employee is responsible for department resources and equipment. This employee has limited authority to purchase necessary department supplies.

Personal Relations: Daily contact with co-workers, supervisory personnel, and general public. Occasional contact with City Administrator is expected as directed.

Working Conditions: Adverse working conditions exist with this position. Exposure to blood borne pathogens, extreme weather, hazardous chemicals, explosives, confined areas, heights, and excessive noise can be expected.

Physical Requirements: Manual labor including lifting and carrying heavy objects and equipment, bending, kneeling, climbing, and the ability to operate departmental equipment is required daily in this position. Employee must maintain current vaccinations for Hepatitis B and Tetanus.

The specific statements shown in each section of this description are not intended to be all-inclusive. They represent typical elements and criteria considered necessary to successfully perform the job.

FLSA: Non-Exempt
ADA: Applicable
FMLA: Eligible
OSHA: Bloodborne Pathogens
Working Conditions: Adverse Weather Confined Areas, Heights,
Excessive Noise, Manual Labor, Hazardous Chemicals, Explosives


This job description was last updated in September 2020.