We are quickly approaching the end of the year that marked the 40th Anniversary of KMEA. I wanted to have one more look back at where KMEA came from and the cities that made this exceptional agency possible today.

We have found the “Minutes of Annual Meeting of Members of Northwest Kansas Power Agency.” These minutes are from a meeting held at the Ramada Inn in Colby, Kansas on April 27, 1976. This meeting occurred approximately four years before KMEA was created by State Law. The Members of the Northwest Kansas Power Agency were the Cities of  Colby, Dighton, Goodland, Hill City, Norton, Oakley, Oberlin, St. Francis, Sharon Springs and Cooperatives Great Plains Electric Cooperative Inc., Lane-Scott Electric Cooperative Inc., Northwest Kansas Electric Coop. Assn. Inc., Norton-Decatur Coop. Elec. Co. Inc., Sunflower Electric Cooperative Inc., and Western Cooperative Electric Assn. Inc. All were present at the meeting.

The topics addressed at the meeting included R.W. Beck completing Phase I of an engineering study (I assume for power supply) which was accepted by the members to be published and distributed as well as an update from Mr. Wallace Bran, an anti-trust attorney, on the subject of electrical interconnections and coordinated development.

KMEA has certainly come a long way over the past 40 years as we have grown into an agency of 81 members. 10 years later several cities formed the Kansas Municipal Gas Agency for the same reasons as KMEA was formed. Having said that, KMEA and KMGA continue to be member driven agencies that have enjoyed several successes through the years. Both rely on meeting the members’ needs for low cost and reliable energy, both electricity and natural gas.

Although 2020 has been a year that has tested us all in many ways, from working at home to adjusted schedules to quarantines, and much more. We have all worked through our individual hardships and when 2021 comes we hope for much brighter days. Despite the very unusual year KMEA and KMGA have each experienced many successes. As staff we count our blessings to have the privilege of serving such a great membership that has afforded us the opportunity to serve each members’ needs.

As we change the calendar in a few short weeks we wish the absolute best for every one of you for a bright and prosperous 2021. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.