Notifications have been sent out to each city regarding the unit testing information for all of the City’s Units for this summer. As a reminder, there are two types of tests: Accredited Capability and Operational. Operational testing is 90% of your Accredited rating for a minimum of one hour. Accredited Capability is the maximum output of the unit for a minimum of one hour.  Accredited Capability does have above the given temperature (this temperature was included in the email if we are asking for Accreditation testing). The Accredited Capability test is the MW value we use to claim capacity for your city. Both of these tests need to be completed before September 30th, 2022, but please have them completed as soon as possible. There are often situations where we ask for a retest because we want to ensure the tests qualify and the resources of each city is being fully utilized. If you have questions please direct them to DJ Smith 913-901-6224 or Tom Saitta 913-901-6222.