The cities of Osage City and Pomona signed contracts with the Kansas Municipal Energy Agency to provide lineman services effective July 1st. The initial term of the agreement is for three years.

One of the top needs identified through a 2019 survey of our membership was line maintenance services. We started up the first KMEA line crew in May 2000 in the western part of the state in Dighton. We are pleased to expand these same services to Osage City and Pomona with the hope to provide support to other neighboring cities,” says Paul Mahlberg, General Manager, KMEA.

The crew, based in Osage City, is comprised of three linemen – two lineman that were employed by Osage City and an additional lineman. These linemen will share the responsibilities of completing all tasks required to operate and maintain both municipal systems.

“The City of Osage City is looking forward to a new era of linemen services provided by KMEA for the mutual benefit of Osage City and Pomona. In this new environment of severe shortages of certified journeymen linemen, Osage City and Pomona will be provided quality electrical distribution services by experienced journeymen linemen that each community could not afford on their own,” says Rod Willis, City Manager.

“The city of Pomona is excited to partner with KMEA to help provide reliable, safe, and affordable electricity to our community.  This partnership allows Pomona to offer that in an economical and reliable manner for the future of our community” says Marie Seneca, Mayor.

KMEA continues to strive to provide the necessary tools for the members cities to continue to provide a safe, reliable, and economical electric service to their community.