KMGA offers in-depth natural gas solutions for the benefit of our member cities. We strive to meet each member city’s needs. KMGA also combines like resources to attain market advantages cities would not have individually.

KMGA purchases, schedules, and manages natural gas supply across seven upstream pipelines/distribution systems throughout the state of Kansas. We currently have contracts in place with nine reputable suppliers, in which we seek bids from to ensure member cities are receiving competitive natural gas pricing.

KMGA is more than a supplier of natural gas. KMGA works very closely with member cities to provide assistance through many avenues such as:

• Reviewing city ordinances and/or guidelines for establishing gas rates
• Evaluating the process of rate calculations
• Calculating line loss volume and percentage for the City’s distribution system
• Keeping cities informed of upstream pipeline operations that can affect their system and/or service – including rate cases filed by upstream pipelines
• Reporting of data as required by state and federal commissions and agencies

Also, KMGA has an exceptional working relationship with the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC). We have worked jointly with KCC staff to address issues cities have encountered; as well as presenting at KCC seminars.
KMGA is a non-profit agency with the goal of providing the best possible service at the lowest possible cost. Our fee is structured to cover overhead costs only. With this fee, KMGA’s staff provides a combined 40+ years of experience and expertise in the natural gas industry.