A city that joins KMGA becomes an owner as well as a member. Each full member city exercises its ownership with an equal vote on the Board of Directors. A separate committee of the Board of Directors, known as the Executive Committee, consisting of seven members, carries on the day-to-day activities of the Agency. The Board of Directors annually elects officers and Executive Committee members, ratifies the actions taken by the Executive Committee, and adopts the annual budget of the Agency. Today 45 Kansas municipalities benefit from KMGA membership.

For membership information or inquiries, please contact:

Dixie Riedel, Director of Natural Gas
Phone: 913-660-0230

Our services to our members include:

Purchase and Delivery

Purchase and delivery of natural gas to member cities.

Management of Pipeline Imbalances

Management of pipeline imbalances to mitigate cash outs.

Management of Storage

Management of natural gas storage to maximize value.

Monitoring Gas Usage

Monitoring gas usage for pipeline balancing and to help identify problems when city usage is abnormal.

Comprehensive Assistance

Comprehensive assistance to cities in dealing with natural gas issues affecting their utilities.