2024 Joint EMP Meeting

On June 28th, EMP participants cities gathered at the Marriott Hotel in Overland Park for the annual Joint EMP meeting. The event provided valuable insights into various aspects of energy management, funding opportunities, and market updates. Below you can see the topics discussed.

Presentations and Speakers

  1. Targeting Funding Opportunities: How to Prepare Your Utility for a Grant Application

Speaker: Brett Waggoner, Governmental Assistance Services

Brett Waggoner, an expert in securing grants for utilities, emphasized the importance of strategic planning and preparation when applying for funding. He discussed best practices for identifying suitable grant opportunities, crafting compelling proposals, and maximizing the chances of success.

  1. Understanding Renewable Tax Credits

Speakers: Mitch Walter and Alan Woolever, Gilmore & Bell

Mitch Walter and Alan Woolever from Gilmore & Bell delved into the intricacies of renewable tax credits. They covered topics such as federal and state incentives, eligibility criteria, and the impact of tax credits on renewable energy projects.

  1. Distributed Generation Toolkit

Speakers: Greg DuMars and Jill McFarland, KMU (Kansas Municipal Utilities)

Greg DuMars and Jill McFarland presented the Distributed Generation Toolkit, a comprehensive resource for utilities considering distributed energy resources (DERs). They discussed practical implementation, regulatory considerations, and case studies. Attendees gained practical guidance on integrating DERs into their energy portfolios.

  1. Energy Market Outlook

Speaker: Abhishek Deshpande, PhD, NextEra Energy Resources

Abhishek Deshpande provided an insightful overview of the energy market landscape. His presentation covered trends, challenges, and opportunities in the evolving energy sector.

  1. KMEA Project and Opportunities

Speaker: Neal Daney, KMEA (Kansas Municipal Energy Agency)

Neal Daney highlighted KMEA’s ongoing projects and collaborative opportunities. His presentation emphasized the collective strength of municipal utilities working together to enhance energy reliability and sustainability.


We appreciate all the EMP participant cities that were able to attend this meeting! It was great seeing everyone!