Through the Kansas Municipal Gas Agency(KMGA) strategic planning process and continued discussions with our members, KMGA realized the need for many of our cities to have access to help with required gas services in the operations of a natural gas system.

In an effort to provide support and aid with this need, KMGA is pleased to inform you of our “Gas Services Project”.  This project will provide several different avenues for available services.  KMGA will have a part-time employee to provide services through this project.  (See attached document for more details on the services offered.)  Our plan is to have services available through this project by January 1, 2021.

Through this project, we will also be offering OQ Training for the State-wide OQ Plan and Procedures.  We intend to host regional training sessions in 5 to 6 locations around the state of Kansas.  Of course we will continue to monitor COVID-19 restrictions and abide by rules set throughout the state.

If you are interested in utilizing services through this project, please contact:

Dixie Riedel, Director of Natural Gas
Direct: 913-660-0230

KMGA Gas Services Project