Mike began his career in March 1985 performing maintenance at the Coffeyville municipal light & power plant. He progressed within the department serving in the roles of Utility Operator/Lab Technician, Assistant Shift Operator and Control Room Operator/Shift Supervisor. In March 2008, he briefly left to explore an opportunity with PPL Montana, LLC. He returned to the City in March 2009 and in January 2010, he was promoted to Superintendent of Electric Operations and promoted again in August 2011 to the Deputy Director of Electric Utilities.

On April 1, 2018, he was named as Director of the Electric Utilities while also being named Interim City Manager. He served the community in that role until a new city manager was hired in October 2018. Returning to his role as Director, he continues to improve operations and is a champion for municipally owned power and the advantages it has for local communities.  On April 16, 2020, Mike was named Director of Electric Services/Assistant City Manager.

Please congratulate Mike on the Gilbert E. Hanson Award.