Once Again Your Power Plants Came Through!

From the snow and ice storms out west several weeks ago to the recent storms in the east the weather has been a bit of a challenge to say the least. We were recently staying overnight in Garnett when strong storms and high winds passed through the city. The electricity went off in the early morning hours and at that moment the power plant became the most valued asset in town. It’s times like these when we realize how important it is to have the ability to produce electricity for the residents and businesses in your communities. Your time and toil pays off in knowing you are able to keep the lights on through rough times.

You know the phone is going to ring with someone on the other end telling you the electricity is off, but you probably don’t get a lot of calls to say thank you. It’s with great respect that we say thanks to all of you for dedication to the folks in your communities. I believe that public power cities need to toot their horns about the value of local generation. Sometimes it is difficult for you to defend the expense associated with operating a power plant but during those wee hours of the morning when the storm passes through don’t underestimate the value that you and the power plant provide to the city. Thank You!