Public Natural Gas Week: October 6-12, 2019

Public Natural Gas Week is a nationwide observance that offers the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your public natural gas system and generate enthusiasm about the benefits of public natural gas. This year, Public Natural Gas Week will be celebrated October 6-12, 2019.

We hope that all KMGA member utilities join us in this nationwide observance to honor the work and importance of locally-owned public natural gas systems. The American Public Gas Association is available to help you plan and promote your system’s Public Natural Gas Week celebrations.

Many APGA members do a wonderful job preparing full-fledged promotional events and campaigns each year, however for those of you who could use some additional ideas, we encourage you to download sample materials that include a stock press release, op-ed, design templates and suggestions for events to celebrate the week in your community. We hope you find these materials helpful and that together we make 2019 Public Natural Gas Week one of the best yet! Click Here to find APGA Documents to Support your Celebration of Public Natural Gas Week!