The KMEA (Kansas Municipal Energy Agency) and KMGA (Kansas Municipal Gas Agency) held their respective Board of Directors meetings on May 1, 2024. These meetings saw great attendance from representatives of 49 cities for the KMEA meeting and 29 cities for the KMGA meeting.

During the KMGA meeting, Mike Meyer reviewed the 2023 financials, Paul Mahlberg gave a presentation on Future Natural Gas Supply, Terri Pemberton presented the general Counsel Report, and Dixie Riedel presented the Gas Director’s Report.

During the KMEA meeting, Staff gave several updates:  Mike Meyer reviewed the 2023 Financials, Terri Pemberton gave an update on Legal and Regulatory, Tom Saitta updated the Board on Electric Operations, Neal Daney shared information on the Energy Market, Tyson McGreer highlighted Member Services, Mike Schmaderer talked about KMEA Mid-States projects, and Paul Mahlberg presented the General Manager’s update

The next KMGA and KMEA  Board of Directors meetings are scheduled for October 23, 2024, in conjunction with the KMEA Annual Conference in Wichita, KS.

A sincere thank you to all the Board members who participated in these meetings!