APPA Seeks Community Input

APPA’s 2022 Survey of Payment and Contributions to the State and Local Government is available. Public power utilities with at least 50 percent retail sales according to 2022 EIA data, with a few exceptions, are eligible to participate in the survey. Joint Action Agencies who have at least five (5) members that complete the survey can receive a custom, aggregated cut of the data among just their members.

The information collected on this form is used by APPA to quantify the benefits public power utilities provide to their state and local communities. The direct payments, free services, and other contributions municipal electric utilities provide to local government can be a significant portion of their electric operating revenues. However, these services are commonly under-reported or not reported at all. One purpose of this survey is to help public power utilities recognize and account for all the contributions they are making to their communities. This is essential information to have available to demonstrate to customers and the city government the full benefits of public power. In addition, the information collected on this form will help APPA counter arguments of competitors and opponents that public power utilities do not pay taxes, and therefore do not contribute to local communities.


Results from this survey will be used to create APPA’s Public Power Pays Back report, which is a free report that highlights public power’s contributions to their communities through property-like taxes, payments in lieu of taxes, transfers to the general fund, and free or reduced cost services provided to states and cities. This data is also used in APPA’s Statistical Report to highlight public power’s benefit to the community.


Submissions are due March 21, 2024.

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