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La Crosse adds new CAT generator

The City of LaCrosse purchased a new 2 MW CAT generator. KMEA is assisting the City of LaCrosse with the installation of the new generator. This generator will sit in the spot of an engine that was taken out of service several decades ago. Also, another key decision point to purchasing this new engine was a key engine in the plant had piston issues that is very costly to repair. The new generator arrived onsite at the power plant Thursday, September 17th. KMEA, Foley Power Solutions, and the City of Lacrosse are targeting to have the generator up and running before the end of the year. The new generator will be more automated than the existing generation for easier operations. The CAT generator will come online faster which allows for faster service to the customers when the utility is lost.

Lindsborg takes delivery of second transformer at substation

KMEA is assisting the City of Lindsborg to expand their existing substation with the addition of the second transformer. In 2022 the City of Lindsborg city council authorized the purchase of the current transformer at the substation from Evergy and add a new 10 MVA transformer. The goal for this project was to control redundancy and reliability for the city as the current transformer ages. A key factor in the decision to purchase the old transformer was the peak load on the old transformer was reaching the limit of their 7/10 MVA transformer which serves the city. The 10 MVA transformer was installed at the substation on Friday, August 18th with operation date expected later this fall. By adding the second transformer, the City will have the ability to split the load between the two transformers. It will also allow for maintenance on either transformer without having to take an outage or bring in temporary substations or generation.

4 takeaways from the grid’s record-breaking summer

Grid monitors issued dire warnings ahead of the summer that Americans could face blackouts during an extreme heat wave — but so far, that hasn’t happened.


There isn’t a simple answer for the grid’s stability despite record-breaking heat — new wind turbines, solar panels and batteries played a major role on the hottest days, but gas and coal plants remained a bedrock. Grid operators and utilities say they’re better prepared for extreme weather. And there was a dash of luck, suggesting that the outcome could have been worse.

KMEA Develops New Five Year Strategic Plan

On July 26th and 27th in Salina member city representatives, KMEA staff, and Steve VanderMeer, the moderator, worked on developing a new 5 year strategic plan for the agency.  This exercise helps define the needs of KMEA members from power supply, member services, supply chain, and operational needs of their utilities to name a few, and how KMEA can support those initiatives.

KMEA Dighton Line Crew assists Garden City

The KMEA Dighton Lineman Services crew headed to Garden City, Kansas to assist with line work July 24th through July 27th. They assisted with hauling, framing, and setting poles. They helped with moving and wiring a transformer bank, transferring service, and energizing secondary.

Biden-Harris Administration Launches Rebate Programs for Transformers and Critical Industrial Equipment

As part of President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced $20 million to support the installation of energy efficient distribution transformers and extended product systems that use equipment with electric motors, such as pumps, air compressors, and fans. This funding, made possible by the President’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, will be distributed through two rebate programs, one focused on transformers and another on extended product systems.

KMGA Regional Meetings

In 2023, KMGA started to organize regional meetings for the members. The regional meetings provide the opportunity for member cities and KMGA staff to meet in a small group setting.  Information and updates within the natural gas industry and KMGA are shared.  Regional meetings are a great means of meeting personnel from other member cities […]

Biden-Harris Administration Invests Over $200 Million in States and Tribal Nations to Modernize America’s Electrical Grid

As part of President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced nine states and three tribal nations as the third cohort to receive a combined total of $207.6 million in Grid Resilience State and Tribal Formula Grants. Supported by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and administered by DOE’s Grid Deployment Office, these grants will help modernize the electric grid to reduce impacts of climate-driven extreme weather and natural disasters while also ensuring power sector reliability. This funding will ensure all communities have access to affordable, reliable, clean electricity while helping deliver on the President’s ambitious clean energy goals.

Solar for All

On June 28, 2023, EPA released the $7 billion Solar for All Notice of Funding Opportunity. Through this competition, Solar for All will award up to 60 grants to states, territories, Tribal governments, municipalities, and nonprofits to expand the number of low-income and disadvantaged communities primed for residential solar investment—enabling millions of low-income households to access affordable, resilient, and clean solar energy.

Barry Hodges received the APPA’s Larry Hobart Seven Hats Award

Barry Hodges, City Clerk/Administrator of the city of Minneapolis was awarded the Larry Hobart Seven Hats Award at the American Public Power Association’s annual conference held in Seattle, Washington.  This award recognizes managers of small utilities serving fewer than 2,500 meters. These managers have a very small staff and must assume multiple roles.  Congratulations to Barry for his recognition of the Larry Hobart Seven Hats award.