Grid Resilience Grant Due December 29th

As part of the Department of Energy’s goal to improve grid resilience the Kansas Corporation Commission has received a grant for small utilities to apply for.  The primary goal of the program is to demonstrate measurable improvements in energy resilience, with a focus to necessary and supporting grid modernization investments in rural, underserved, and disadvantaged communities, to invest in modernized grid infrastructure and to create good-paying jobs.

The current amount that is available to small utilities in this round of funding is $13,313,126 with future amounts of $6,647,000 available over the next 3 fiscal years.

This grant does have a cost match portion which typically will be up to 48% of the project cost.  The state of Kansas does have funds that can be utilized to help with these matching funds through the Build Kansas Fund.  These funds are specifically designed to help organizations leverage local dollars and to support infrastructure projects within Kansas.  Please follow the link for further details on that program. Build Kansas Fund Overview — Kansas Infrastructure Hub (

The Grid Resilience Grant, commonly known as the 40-101 (D) program does have a deadline of 5 pm ct. on December 29th.  Please follow the link for full details on the program and application directions. Kansas Corporation Commission – Formula Grant for Preventing Outages and Enhancing the Resilience of the Electric Grid (

If you should have any questions regarding these programs, please contact Tyson McGreer, Manager Member Services at or 913-660-0235.