The City of Holton offered an impromptu training experience with the cities of Wamego and Baldwin City.  Ira Harrison, Electric Production Supervisor for the City of Holton, explained “Our Unit #12 developed an external cylinder liner crack above the injector liner adaptor. So the cylinder liner needed to be replaced”. He also went on to say, “In order to replace a cylinder liner in a Fairbanks Morse OP engine, it requires a lot of work”.

As they scheduled the work on the unit they considered the fact that it would be beneficial for others to observe, since this work doesn’t happen every day.  They decided to ask the cities of Wamego and Baldwin City if they would be interested in observing the process of repairing the unit. Both cities were able to make it to Holton for the two days that it took to change the cylinder liner.

Ira explained “It was a great experience for all of us and something we will continue to do”.

Thanks to Ira for sharing this information as well as thinking about others and how beneficial this could be to them. This is another example of how we are #CommunityPowered!