After two years of virtual meetings, the boards of the Kansas Municipal Energy Agency and Kansas Municipal Gas Agency met during the KMU annual conference on Wednesday, April 27th.  A virtual option was also available for those that could not attend in person.

KMGA held discussion on the preliminary 2023 budget, gas director Dixie Riedel presented the gas report, and Paul Mahlberg presented the general manager report.  Additionally, the membership voted to accept the City of Sylvia’s request to withdraw as an affiliate member and become a full member of KMGA.

KMEA held discussion on the preliminary 2023 budget, approval of the SPP annual line of credit, and Paul Mahlberg provided the general manager report.  The board also consented to the addition of the cities of Lucas and Sabetha as KMEA’s newest members.

The next scheduled meeting for the KMEA and KMGA full boards will be held during the KMEA/KMGA annual conference on September 29th and 30th.