KMEA/Mid-States Complete Magellan Project for the City of Anthony

The Magellan project in Anthony, Kansas kicked off with a visit to Magellan Midstream Partners, LP in Tulsa, OK on November 19, 2019.  Magellan wanted to hook up a pumping station with two 5,000 hp pumps and needed the City of Anthony to serve it.

The City of Anthony was given the green light to proceed with the $2.5 million project in March of 2019 and it was completed in January of 2021.  The project entailed adding a 14 MW transformer to the existing 138 kV substation which now feeds the Magellan load but also serves as a backup to the existing transformer that serves the City.  Four 25 kV breakers were also installed so load could be switched between the transformers.  The project included reconfiguring the 138 kV bus as well as the 25 kV bus and the installation of two new relay panels.  In order to connect to the Magellan site, 4.5 miles of 25 kV line was built and put into service as well.  KMEA/Mid-States was excited to have the opportunity to complete this work for the City of Anthony and we look forward to many projects for members across the state.