KMEA Welcomes Pomona to EMP1

Tom Onboarding Pomona 1Earlier this week KMEA Staff arrived in Pomona to provide “onboarding” to acquaint the city with invoicing, the dashboard, and a host of other details to prepare Pomona to receive power from KMEA. Mayor, Marie Seneca, City Clerk, Seth Mettling, Public Works Director, Dean Wineinger, and Treasurer, Linda Grob were are all on hand for the meeting. On July 1st, Pomona will officially start receiving power from KMEA and at the same time become the newest member of the EMP1 group.

Pomona is located in northwestern Franklin County, about 50 minutes from the Kansas City metro area, with a population of 952. Pomona has long been a valued KMEA member and just last year KMEA had the privilege of honoring the city with a centennial award to celebrate their 100 years of public power.   The city is excited about their future with KMEA, joining EMP1 and what it will mean for their electric costs. Please join us in congratulating and welcoming Pomona to EMP1.