Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day: March 18th

KMGA proudly observes National Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day on March 18, 2024. This marks the nineth consecutive year of official nationwide celebration in honor of the dedicated individuals who power our communities through natural gas utilities.

On this special day, we recognize the tireless efforts of the employees who safeguard and maintain one of our most valuable resources—the natural gas infrastructure. Their commitment to safety is paramount, especially in light of historical events like the New London, Texas school explosion in 1937. That tragic incident prompted widespread odorization of natural gas and underscored the need for stringent safety measures.

Through this annual event, we aim to raise public awareness about the vital work performed by natural gas utility professionals. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all KMGA members and their dedicated staff, who ensure the delivery of safe and reliable gas services to our community.