Ottawa Replaces Catalyst on Two Generators


The city of Ottawa recently completed the replacement of the catalyst on the Cooper units 6 & 7 at the power plant.   

The city made the decision to replace the catalyst for a couple reasons.  First, the old catalyst was creating back pressure and causing increased heat on the turbo exhaust.  Secondly, because of the location of the old catalyst the emissions reduction was narrowly meeting the 70% reduction standard. 

The new DCL catalyst/mufflers were purchased through and installed by Wheeler World in Ohio for under $375,000. 

The city performed a 4-hour maintenance runs on both units and they showed a decrease from 15 – 18” H2O to 3.5 – 4” H2O. 

A non-certified test had a 95% reduction in emissions making the unit much more compliant.  The certified test will be conducted by Donna Ohem of Power Plant Compliance June 25th and 26th.