Power Factor Newsletter Evolves

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As you read this, hopefully the latest edition of the “Power Factor” newsletter has hit your email inbox. That’s right! “Power Factor” has been transformed into an e-newsletter. As an e-newsletter, we are moving to a more progressive news format; another step forward in our communication strategy. E-newsletters enable us to share updates more frequently and in a more timely fashion than the quarterly distribution of the past. Through our weekly website news blogs, you always have the opportunity to receive real time news every week, however, if you miss an update on the website, we will capture it for you in the “Power Factor” e-newsletter. Please note – if you did not receive the e-newsletter, it was by mistake due to an erroneous email address. It is very simple to subscribe, however. Simply scroll towards the bottom of the kmea.com website Home page and enter your email address where it reads “Sign up for the Power Factor Newsletter.” If your incoming emails are automatically routed to specific categories such as primary, social and promotions, or you have spam or junk mail folders, you might take a look in these places first. The Power Factor e-newsletter was emailed Friday, August 7th.