100 Years of Public Power

Attica Jason Wyatt CentennialAttica 1958 Photo








At KMEA’s November 5th Annual Conference Awards Banquet, we had the privilege of recognizing the milestone achievements of two member cities. The City of Attica and the City of Erie both reached the Centennial milestone this year, representing 100 years of public power. Attica wished to give credit and thanks to Mr. Harold Bauman who supplied the city with a treasured photo from 1958, featuring city employee, Keith Baringer, and city marshal, Jim Durdin, pictured inside the generator room of the Attica Municipal building.

Jason Wyatt, Attica City Superintendent, was present to accept the centennial plaque at the awards banquet. You can view this photo along with many other conference photos, which are now posted on the KMEA website. The photos are accessible from the home page of the kmea.com website or simply click here to view them.