KMGA Travels to Kechi and Walton

Kechi Pic

For those of you I have not had the pleasure to meet, I am Dixie Riedel, Director of Natural Gas, for KMGA. Among the more impactful and enjoyable opportunities I have is traveling to KMGA communities to provide personal consultation to our members. Whether it’s answering questions about a city’s natural gas system, calculation of rates, discussing services KMGA provides, or a host of other items of interest, city visits are always fruitful.

This Thursday, November 19th, I visited the City of Kechi and met with City Clerk, Laura Hill, and Finance Director, Mitch Kolf.  After leaving Kechi,Walton Pic I travelled to the City of Walton and met with City Clerk, Stephanie Ashby.  Each city was interested in a review of their process for calculating rates. After evaluating each cities process, I recommended some changes to ensure that each city captures all costs associated with their natural gas supply when calculating rates.  I also created and provided spreadsheets to each city in order to simplify their rate calculation process for their end-use customers.

Thanks to both cities for their hospitality, trust, and support. As I mentioned before, city visits always prove to be worthwhile and productive.