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KMGA Travels to Kechi and Walton

For those of you I have not had the pleasure to meet, I am Dixie Riedel, Director of Natural Gas, for KMGA. Among the more impactful and enjoyable opportunities I have is traveling to KMGA communities to provide personal consultation to our members. Whether it’s answering questions about a city’s natural gas system, calculation of […]

KMGA Annual Conference Breakout Session

In conjunction with the November 5th KMEA Annual Conference and Board of Directors meetings, KMGA staff will host a breakout session for KMGA cities. The purpose of this session is to discuss the management of your city’s natural gas distribution system. Topics to be addressed include: reviewing KMGA invoices, calculating rates for end-use customers, tracking and […]

Natural Gas Pricing

EIA’s storage report for the week ending July 31st showed an injection volume of 32 Bcf. The net injection was below expectations of a build between 41-45 Bcf; and tends to be one of the smallest, if not the smallest, injection of the year. The smaller injection is due to higher gas-fired electric generation demand. […]

KMGA Travels and City Visits

    On Tuesday, May 12th, KMGA staff departed Overland Park and headed to Little River, Kansas.  We met with City Clerk, Sue Peters, and visited about KMGA supplying and managing the natural gas needs for the city.  KMGA will provide a natural gas cost comparison to the City of Little River for their review. […]