On Thursday, the City of Stockton’s tie transformer failed and required the city to engage their local generation. Jeff Scott, Electric Production Superintendent for the city immediately contacted their transmission provider and Mike Schmaderer, Mid-States Energy Works for support. Mid-States crews were dispatched to diagnose the failure and determined the high side of the tie transformer had shorted to ground.

Communication began to other entities for a possible replacement. After many calls the City of Garden City was found to have a transformer that would fit the need.  After some coordination, the transformer was on its way to the city.

The transformer left the City of Garden City on Saturday morning and made its way to Stockton mid-day.  Crews worked throughout the afternoon into the evening and the transformer was energized around 8:00 pm.

This again proves the value of “Community Powered”.  Thanks to everyone involved with this emergency project and the willingness of Mike Muirhead, Public Utility Director and Cliff Sonnenberg, Electric Superintendent for the City of Garden City for the tremendous support of KMEA and the Member Cities.